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Maintanence project
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Imported domestic hydraulic equipment
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Company Profile
Beijing Juli Hydraulic Equipment Maintenance Co., Ltd.

Beijing Juli Hydraulic Equipment Maintenance Co., Ltd. is a company integrating scientific research, design and production. It is a company that designs, manufactures, develops electro-hydraulic control, main and auxiliary valves and other ancillary products. We always provide high-quality products for our customers. At the same time, we use the feedback information from the frontline users to continuously improve and optimize product design, and form our own unique brand charm. The product application has won praise and trust from users. Adhering to the "integrity, cooperation, and win-win" business philosophy, we always provide customers with more professional technology, more reliable products, and better service.

Excavator hydraulic pump maintenance specific operation
If the platform cannot be rotated in one direction, it is generally caused by the pressure imbalance of the secondary relief valve that cannot be rotated. At this time, the secondary relief valve that can not be rotated can be adjusted and the cap can be loosened. A pressure gauge is installed in the rotary oil passage to allow the driver to operate the pilot handle that controls the rotation, and the maintenance personnel adjusts the secondary relief valve side by side. Observe the pressure gauge to see if there is any change in the value. If there is any change, adjust the pressure value to the design overflow value; if there is no change, it may be caused by the following reasons:
Do you know anything about the power of diesel generator sets?
With a diesel generator set, there must be some understanding of its power. The generator supplier will give you a brief introduction to the following types of power:

First, continuous power (COP). Maintenance under agreed operating conditions and in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, the genset is continuously operated at a constant load and the maximum number of operating hours per year is unrestricted.
What do you value for the generator set model?
I believe many people know that when choosing a Cummins generator set, the choice of model is very important. And a high-quality Cummins generator set is what we need most. In order to achieve the effective power generated by the generator, different power and different types of generators should also be used in a suitable environment.
Technical points for installation of generator equipment
1. Generator installation program The installation procedure of the generator equipment is mainly: stator seating → stator and rotor hydraulic test → generator through rotor → hydrogen cooler installation → end cover, bearing, sealing tile adjustment and installation → exciter installation → opposite wheel Looking for the center and connecting → overall airtight test.
Flame preheating start of diesel generator low temperature start
Among the starting methods of diesel generators, the main ones are cold start liquid, flame preheat start, circulating water heating system and other preheating methods. Under low temperature conditions, the viscosity of the fuel increases, which is not conducive to the atomization and combustion of the fuel. The poor fluidity of the lubricating oil will increase the resistance of each moving component, and the storage capacity of the battery will decrease, which will easily lead to difficulty in starting the generator. , mechanical wear, power reduction, increased fuel consumption and reduced power performance. Here, we mainly introduce some things about the warm-up of the flame.
Stepping motor out of step causes and hazards
For the economical CNC ship in the process of processing, the reasons for the stepping motor out of step are analyzed comprehensively, and the corresponding solutions are proposed.
The open-loop CNC system consisting of stepping motor and drive circuit has been widely used in economical CNC machine tools because of its simple structure, low price and reliable performance. It plays an important role in the numerical control process of China's machine tool industry. status. Stepper motors are often used for precise positioning, thus ensuring that the motor does not lose step is critical.
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